A new home has just been listed on Sotheby's Realty Montreal and it is officially the most expensive home on the market in the city. 

The 40 million dollar mansion is in Ville-Marie and has a Georgian/Neo-Classic mixed style that is straight-up stunning. 

Take a look at the photos below of the insane home that boats a wine cellar, grotto, wet bar, butler's pantry, catering kitchen and more.

The home undeniably deserves the title "mansion," and has a 3+ car garage... so I guess that means there's room for a motorcycle, too?

My favourite part of the huge house is this amazing little sunroom that is the only place I ever need to have coffee in my life.

Can you imagine having breakfast in this room? So toasty warm and sunny? Yes, please.

The room below is the "billiards room," though it looks like you could present a court case in there will all that wood. Also, take in that fancy rich-person's ping-pong table.

The home also has more than three fireplaces, one of which is seen in the living room below.

A second can be seen in the next photo of a foyer and a third in a grand room with a piano and windows that are practically floor-to-ceiling.

In addition to more than six bathrooms, this home boasts 10 bedrooms, three of which can be seen below.

The home is comprised of 67 rooms in total, according to the Sotheby's listing, and was built to completion in 1924.

I would honestly never leave my bedroom if I had a fireplace right in there. And to be honest, this bedroom does look like the size of my apartment... Sad.

This home also sits on 2.5 acres of land, so if we're hunting for a downside to this home (because it clearly isn't readily apparent) it has to be the yard work. Not that whoever lives here does it themselves...

According to the Sotheby's listing, this home is the only one of its kind built by Charles Platt outside the U.S.

Platt is the designer and architect behind homes built for the Astors, Rockefellers and Vanderbilts. 

The listing also notes that many dignitaries have been present at the estate for different galas and events... including Queen Elizabeth II!

Sotheby's even notes that when present in the vast gardens, it's hard to believe you're essentially downtown Montreal. The property is so big "the Estate could accommodate a second home.

And if you were worried about don't stairs - don't be. There's an elevator... duh.

Check out the full listing with more photos on the Sotheby's website

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