Have you ever stood by the docks at the Old Port, looked out across the water and dreamed of living in Habitat 67? Maybe you think it's ugly and want nothing to do with it, but still, you've always wondered what it's like inside. 

Conceived by Moshe Safdie as part of a McGill University thesis project, Habitat 67 is one of Montreal's most recognizable architectural landmarks. Comprised of 354 identical concrete boxes, with 146 residences, Habitat 67 is a very unique living space.

Apartments in Habitat don't often go on sale so this could be your only shot to live in the place of your dreams! If you have a spare $1.65 million, that is. Honestly, by the looks of this apartment, it's totally worth it.

Described as a "haven of a place", this apartment is comprised of 3 levels and four cubes. There are three terrasses, all facing the waterfront. The home is simply magnificent, to be honest. 

The apartment has an incredible design that has modern vibes with a vintage feel. On the first level, the living room opens up to a solarium with a sauna. Then, you're lead to a huge open-concept kitchen. Waterfront views and the floor-to-ceiling windows will take your breath away. 

A monthly contribution of $3,589 covers the cost of your operations, maintenance, heating and air conditioning, indoor parking, a free shuttle bus to downtown, tennis court access, swimming pools, and so much more!

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The second and third levels of the apartment hold even more surprises. There's two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two more wrap-around terrasses with waterfront views. 

Though luxurious, the apartment seems incredibly comfortable and livable. It would be perfect for a solo rich kid or enterprising power couple. 

It's unlikely you'll find a sprawling apartment like this in Habitat 67 as the units rarely go on sale. It seems like one of those places that once you're there, you never leave. Honestly, if I was able to afford this place, I'd be there forever!

So, if you've got a spare couple 'mil laying around and don't know what to do with it, move to Habitat 67! 

Remember that even if you have a couple 'mil, you'll still need over 3.5 thousand a month for condo fees and whatnot. Though I'm sure that's not a problem, right? 

Unfortunately this listing is no longer available, but you can check out more similar properties on Sutton Quebec!

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