One of the many luxuries that come with being a writer is that I have the freedom to work from home. Seeing how the end of summer is right around the corner, I opted to work on my balcony today to soak in whatever is left of the heat in our great city of Montreal.  

I live right on Boulevard Saint-Laurent and after working in Manhattan I can say that I thrive when I am surrounded by noise. Cars beeping, trucks passing by, strangers talking, all of it helps my brain produce.  

Sadly, this afternoon, I was not prepared for the noise to which my poor ears were subjected.  

This loud, screeching sound filled the air and anyone who was home stepped out and on to their balcony to see what was going on. There was a fire-truck in the middle of the road and the noise seemed to be coming from it.

I swear, it sounded like the end of the world was approaching. 

The loud noise pierced my ears and I scattered my apartment in search of earplugs, while everyone was trying to get away from the noise, I knew, for our readers, I had to go towards it. 

Walking up Saint-Laurent I noticed that people were either running to their cars or running into buildings. They were doing whatever it took to get away from this noise.  

It took a total of about five minutes for me to get over there to the truck, but trust me when I tell you that it felt like forever.  


As I approached the scene of the noise, I noticed that there was a fireman underneath the truck and another fire truck parked on the corner of Saint-Laurent.  

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I decided to approach the firefighter, but just as I got close to him, the noise stopped.


He told me that it was nothing to concern myself and that it was the sound a fire-truck made when it broke down.  


I made sure to thank him and to let him know that the sound was borderline intolerable.

He laughed and I joined in, I think he knew how heinous the sound truly was.

Did you hear this heinous noise tody?

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