Ensemble Montréal members have indicated their intention to draft a plan that would keep the metro running all night for 13 weekends during the summer. The proposal should be tabled by the opposition at the next city council meeting on April 15.

The proposed plan has already been met by both excitement and derision. Some are praising the idea for being great for the environment and STM clients, while others believe the plan would be too costly to implement.

Though we too would like to see the metro open all night, it just won't happen. STM Chairman Philip Schnobb has already been on record to state that it would be impossible to keep the metro system running all night. 

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TL;DR The opposition party in Montreal city hall has proposed keeping the metro running all night on summer weekends. However, the STM chairman has already been on record to state that it would be impossible to keep the metro system running all night. 

The proposed pilot project would commence during the Grand Prix weekend and end on Labour Day.

The opposition has stated that their idea would lower the number of cars on the road, discourage drunk driving, and be helpful for night workers.

Valérie Plante has rebutted the opposition's idea, saying that, though she is not against the idea, the opposition needs to better consider the cost of their proposal before putting the idea out there.

However, the complications of keeping the metro open all night go beyond the finances. The STM Chairman Philippe Schnobb told CBC news in an article that was published three years ago that keeping the metro open all night would never be a possibility.

According to Schnobb, the main reason the metro cannot remain open 24/7 is because employees need time to do maintenance and check that equipment and materials are working properly.

Schnobb goes on to say that some cities are able to keep their metro systems running all night because they have parallel lines. Parallel lines allow networks to close one line and keep trains running on the other line. The Montreal metro is not equipped with such lines.

This means that, as much as we would like a metro that runs all night, it is not in the cards... at least not for now.

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