Ah, potholes. The bane of every Montrealer's existence whether you drive, take the bus, ride your bike in the winter (we know you're out there)... even if you're walking!

The potholes in Montreal are so bad, they have the power to not only ruin your day... apparently, they've starting straight up killing people's cars in the West Island.

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TL;DR The Service Road adjacent to the Autoroute 40 is currently a disaster zone of potholes. If you're driving west near Des Sources Boulevard, keep your wits about you as multiple cars have wrecked their tires. Video and photos below!

We received multiple messages last night and this morning from drivers who hit a massive pothole on the service road off of Des Sources... and more than one car ended up with a flat.

In fact, several of the vehicles ended up with TWO flats after rolling through this tiny canyon.

Via @thejohnrothman

If you're heading West on the Service Road parallel to the Transcanadienne, keep an eye out for these menaces just after boulevard Des Sources. 

All of the vehicles pictured below ended up with flat tires from this same treacherous stretch of road.

Via @thejohnrothman

Via @thejohnrothman

Two different readers of MTL Blog sent in the videos and pictures in this article after they both suffered the same fate when driving along the service road.

After stopping at a body shop to get their tires replaced, they noticed the body shop's parking lot had become a graveyard of cars.

Via @thejohnrothman

Via @thejohnrothman

Many of the cars suffered not just one, but TWO flats.

The photo above shows that both driver-side tires were murdered after hitting the potholes on the Service Road.

@mtlblogembedded via  

The last time we posted on Instagram about the insane pothole at Pie-IX and the 40 (video above), the city actually went and dealt with it.

So don't say we don't ever do anything for you, Montreal!

And don't ever hesitate to tag us or send videos in when you spot something like this in our city!

Stay safe!

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