• A St-Henri couple came home Monday evening to discover a random bike in the middle of their living room. It's a hilariously typical Montreal story.
  • Neither they nor their acquaintances or landlord know how it got there.
  • Now other members of the community are taking guesses.

Montreal is an eclectic city, home to some of the most interesting people you will ever find. One of the things I love most about being from these buzzing streets is hearing the array of random stories that happen on this island. 

There is something so Montreal about the bizarre anecdotes that colour our daily lives.

This week, a story from Facebook user Lex Lex may win the prize for its particularly puzzling Montreal-brand strangeness.

Imagine coming home after a long day to find that someone was in your house. In most parts of the world this would mean that all valuables would be gone and that a big mess was left behind. However, in Montreal, things are not always that simple when it comes to breaking and entering.    

On Monday evening, Lex and her partner came home after what she calls "a crazy long day" to discover a random bike "smack dab in the middle of our living room."

The thing is, they have no idea how it got there. The couple claims they have never seen it before.  

Lex tells MTL Blog that she "called my mom and stepfather to see if they were in cahoots but they knew nothing... called my landlord, he was totally confused and shocked, and he changed our locks first thing this morning."

"The oddest part," says Lex, "is there was no forcible entry and everything had been locked. We had laptops and valuables in plain sight untouched."

The incident has left the couple unnerved. "Every creak or dribble of water from the faucet freaked us out to the point where my boyfriend got up and looked around the apartment a few times but nothing."

Days later and the couple still has no clue how the bike got there. But that wasn't the end of the mysterious case.

"We ended up being so spooked that we just left the bike outside and within minutes it disappeared..."

The incident has at the very least begun a fun discussion in the St Henri community Facebook page. "It’s been hilarious to hear the theories people have about it," says Lex.

Among the culprits suspected by commenters: a friend playing a prank or a former renter who still has a key.

But the best theory is that the bike is the reincarnation of a lost pet.

How do you think the bike got into the apartmnet?

If this is your bike, or if you have any information regarding the owner of the bike, let us know!

There are stories everywhere. If you spot a newsworthy event in Montreal, send us a message, photo, or video @MTLBlog on Twitter and Instagram.


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