• After a stretch of beautiful, pre-Fall weather, Montreal is about to get thrown right back into sticky, sweaty summer, doused with rain.
  • Humidex temperatures will near 40° on several days over the next week.
  • We'll also be seeing several thunderstorms while the humidity continues to hang in the air.

Montreal is in for a lot of rain and a lot of humidity for the next week, with thunderstorms rolling in almost every other day and temperatures climbing up near 40° with the humidex.

It's probably safe to say that we're all used to the heat in Montreal at this point. We've been suffering for some time now, so these 35° days with suffocating humidity are nothing new.

And it seems that thunderstorms have been Mother Nature's work of choice lately, which is great for my tomatoes but I definitely know a couple pups in town who are straight up over it.

The other thing that is simply unforgivable is the fact that these bouts of rain don't quell the heat and humidity. Like... at all. Isn't that the point of rain in the summer? To bring that cool fresh air and that beautiful smell of petrichor?

Well, we'll have to see if the rain brings that sweet post-rain breeze this coming weekend and the following week in Montreal... but the forecast kinda looks like it's just gunna stay hot.

Humid and hot.

The forecast below shows what we've got in store for this weekend and the coming week. Like I said above, pretty much every other day is punctuated by a thunderstorm or at least some rain.

Saturday comes with ana 80% POP so you can put your money on that one, same with Wednesday where the POP is 70% and The Weather Network is calling for somewhere around 15mm of rain... so have your 'brolly ready.

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The good news is that next weekend looks like the literal definition of perfection. If you've been tempted to, oh, I don't, rent a scooter and zoom around the town... next weekend is going to be the time to do it.

Plus, you can see that after Thursday the 22nd, The Weather Network is calling for the temperatures drop to normal summer warmth and the humidity will finally take a hike. 

So even though we've got rain in the forecast for the following week, too, at least it won't be stupid hot and sticky like this coming week.

We really did get spoiled with a taste of that nice, pre-Fall weather, but don't worry it will be back.

We're just going to have to suffer through one more week of the sticky, sweaty, stormy stuff first.

Then it's back to end-of-summer layers and you can start planning your Fall haircut, my fave time to get a chop and really feel like a brand new human.

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