• TVA reports that Tim Hortons franchises in Sherbrooke have had to limit their service to the take-out window because they lack the staff to maintain their dining rooms.
  • On social media, Quebeckers have reported similar closures in several other municipalities.

When you think of Canada you think of Tim Hortons.

Tim Hortons is without a doubt the most Canadian thing there is. From maple donuts to everything bagels and double double, the most loved item of all, we Canadians have our favourites at Timmy Ho’s and it has pretty much become part of our DNA at this point.

Tim Hortons is known for hiring students and while that is a good thing, it has created some problems. Recently, a number of Tim Hortons franchises have had to close their dining rooms because of a sudden lack of employees, according to TVA Nouvelles.

This means that customers have had to order through the take-out window instead of having the option of going into the eatery and giving in their orders. 

TVA Nouvelles reported that two locations in Sherbrooke had closed dining halls and people on social media reported a couple more throughout the week. 

The Tim Hortons on Sherbrooke's King Street West also had to close its dinning room when three employees never showed up for work, TVA continues. This is sadly happening at more locations throughout the province, in areas like Laval, Mascouche, Quebec, Rigaud, Beloeil and Saint-Hilaire, just to name a few.

Some locations have closed their dining room while others have had to close up early. 

Tim Hortons has always been dependable which is why this sudden, widespread inconvenience came as a surprise to many.

Quebeckers went to Facebook to share their opinions regarding this situation as well as their own experiences of dining room closures at their local franchises.

"It's not just Sherbrooke, Laval also this morning, only car service was available."

"In Mascouche also there was no service at the cash."

We reached out to Tim Hortons to inquire about the closures and are awaiting a response. We will update this article as information becomes available.

If you're looking for some work and would like to help address the current labour shortage, you can browse job opportunities on the Tim Hortons website here.      


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