As the novel coronavirus continues to spread throughout Canada, Tim Hortons took the unprecedented step of cancelling the paper cups in the Roll Up The Rim contest to protect employees and customers. The announcement brought further changes to the already revolutionized contest this year. The popular chain had previously announced that it would be moving much of the game to a mobile app to minimize waste and improve the customer experience.

Though Tim Hortons had planned to keep paper Roll Up The Rim cups for the first two weeks of the promotion, it is now almost entirely online.

A press release further states that the restaurant is "redistributing all $30 million of prizes to restaurant giveaways and the digital Roll Up The Rim contest."

"All major prizes currently under the rims of Roll Up The Rim cups, including cars, TVs, reward miles, pre-paid gift cards and Tims gift cards can now be won through the digital Roll Up The Rim contest."

Furthermore, "Tim Hortons is redistributing $14 million of prizes currently under the rims of paper Roll Up The Rim cups to $14 million of free coffee and hot beverage giveaways at restaurants for guests who make a coffee or hot beverage purchase."

Here's how it all works.

Tim Rewards members who order a hot beverage through the app or in-store by scanning their card will see digital rolls appear in their app or online account.

Non-Tims Rewards members will have to register their card to access their digital rolls and prizes. "Members have until April 21 to register their card to reveal digital rolls," the press release explains.

Customers can also share rolls with friends through the app.

Below is a chart that breaks down the new contest configuration:

The Tim Hortons app is available for download the Google Play or App Store.

Customers have to create an account and register their Tims Rewards cards to see their rolls.

Timmies has also introduced new prizes this year, furthering the effort to make the contest greener.

The complete prize list is as follows:

  • "millions of hot beverage and food prizes, including NEW Dream Donuts;"

  • "45,000 $25 TimCards;"

  • "200 Samsung 55” NU6900 Smart 4K UHD TVs;"

  • "150 $1,000 CIBC Prepaid Cards;"

  • "100 40,000 AIR MILES® Reward Miles – enough for a trip for two anywhere in North America;"

  • "10 2020 Hyundai IONIQ Electric or Hybrid Vehicles;"

  • and four new draws of $100,000."

Roll Up The Rim begins March 11 and concludes April 7, 2020.

For complete contest details, to download the Tim Hortons app, and to register your Tims Rewards card, refer to the restaurant website here.

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