A big few days have just come to a close in Montreal. In addition to the conclusion of the famous Jazz Fest, the weekend saw the arrival of Montreal ComicCon, for which thousands of Montrealers went all out with elaborate costumes.

But one person in particular seems to have made the most of the busy weekend. Tom Felton, who is best known for playing Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise, was out and and about in the city, posting videos to his Instagram feed but largely passing unrecognized, according to Narcity Québec.

Felton currently has one video on his permanent Instagram page from his time in Montreal. In it, the actor/singer can be seen performing on stage. "Thanks for listening," Felton captions the footage:

But over the weekend, Felton also shared his whereabouts through his Instagram stories. Narcity Québec did some digging and found that the image below comes from a performance by Liana Bureau, who was once a contestant on the Quebec version of The Voice.

What is remarkable, Narcity Québec continues, is that Felton was able to attend the Jazz Fest without attracting the attention of fans. There are no photos of the actor among the hundreds posted from the evening.

Felton was also one of several celebrities scheduled to make an appearance at ComicCon, where fans didn't miss an opportunity to snap a photo.

Felton made an appearance on stage and also took time to sign autographs and take photos, according to the ComicCon website. He was joined by James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George from the Harry Potter films).

They weren't the only celebes in Montreal this past week, either. Kevin Hart was also in town to film his new movie Fatherhood. His colleagues even surprised him with a gianr birthday cake and rousing rendition of "Bonne Fête" before the actor's birthday on July 6th.

If you spot and celebrities in Montreal, make sure to respect their privacy and share your photos with @mtlblog on Instagram!

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