At a press conference on Monday, Premier François Legault spoke about the state of French in Montreal and promised more action to protect it.

"Obviously, I didn't like to see the results of the investigation that was done [...] on the situation of French in Montreal," he said.

A recent report by the Journal de Montréal claimed that 16 out of 31 downtown businesses visited by its investigators greeted them in "unilingual" English. 

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We have a problem. We're going to resolve it.

Premier François Legault 

"It's totally unacceptable that we would not be able to be served in French in businesses."

As a result, Legault said that the government is looking to table a new plan to "ensure that in Montreal, one would be served in French in businesses."

"Loi 101 says clearly that French is the language of business in Quebec," said Legault. 

"Simon Jolin-Barette," the Minister Responsible for the French Language, "has already presented a plan in causes and at the cabinet meeting. We're in the process of perfecting it." 

There has been much focus on the state of the French language in the metropolis following an OQLF report this summer found that 60% of Montreal businesses surveyed asked new hires for English skills.

Jolin-Barrette has already proposed applying Law 101 to federally-regulated businesses like banks and airlines.

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