In Quebec there is no shortage of crazy drivers. Maybe it's the pothole ridden streets, or the weather, or maybe it’s the endless traffic that makes everyone crazy.

All we know for sure is that you'd better be careful out there because you never know when you'll find yourself driving behind a crazy person who is willing to crash their car just to prove a point. 

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The following video shows two people driving very irresponsibly, but one of them in particular takes things a little too far. In the video, two drivers can be seen going down the highway at speeds of 110 - 120km/h.

The driver filming wants to go faster, but the driver in front of him seems to feel 120 km/h (which is already 20km/h over the limit) is fast enough. 

The driver filming starts tailgating the driver in front of him which was obviously not appreciated because the driver in front decided to suddenly hits the breaks on purpose!

Talk about road rage.

The video is entitled "Un autre qui pense que la voie de gauche lui appartient" (Another person who thinks the left lane belongs to him) but if you ask me, both of these drivers were driving like idiots. 


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