While the first snow accumulation may seem beautiful, in Montreal, it signals the beginning of a long season of frustration.

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TL;DR A video posted to Reddit shows two Montreal drivers using a snow-covered sidewalk as an extra lane. The video is at the very bottom of the article.

Poor snow removal management, an abundance of construction sites, and a culture of reckless driving create hazardous conditions on city roads during the cold months.

Montreal streets are an absolute mess in the winter. Snow seems to give drivers license to completely ignore rules and abandon decency. But this latest incident tops all others.

A video posted to Reddit by user u/alphtrion shows not one, but two drivers making use of a snow-covered city sidewalk as an additional lane.

Both drivers appear to think they've lawfully stopped at a red light. Seemingly baffled pedestrians approach the vehicles from behind.

If just the first real snow could cover the sidewalk enough to cause this confusion, what dangers could the rest of the winter bring?

According to comments under the Reddit post, this is the intersection of streets Robert-Bourassa and Wellington. Apparently, this isn't the first time drivers have mistaken the sidewalk for a lane. 

@mtlblogembedded via  

"To be fair, there were cars coming out of that sidewalk in the dry, sunny conditions on Thursday too. It used to be Rue Duke, and there's a weird quasi-exit from it onto the sidewalk," wrote user AllezAllezAllezAllez.

This clearly poses a serious threat to pedestrians. Hopefully, the city will quickly install sidewalk barriers or at least more explicit signage.

Watch the incredible footage captured by u/alphtrion below. View the entire Reddit post here.



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