Yesterday, we reported  that Kim Kardashian would be arriving in Montreal to attend the opening of an exhibition at Montreal's Musée des Beaux Arts featuring designer Thierry Mugler.

A couple video submitted to MTLBlog by Instagram user marcderose_ showing Kim leaving her car and making her way into the museum.

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On Instagram, many were wondering exactly how she was able to withstand Montreal's weather without a jacket.

The comments section on both videos we posted on Instagram were flooded with the same question: "Yo wtf how is she not frozen rn?!"

Seriously, Kim Kardashian must have some kind of super power because she was seen leaving the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in an even shorter dress.

As if we weren't impressed enough already.

Last night Montreal's weather was particularly brutal. It was freezing cold and the wind gusting up to 80 km/ h. Yet somehow Kim's hair doesn't even move...

Check out the video of her leaving the MBAM:

@mtlblogembedded via

Click here to see the video of her arriving.

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