We're all used to seeing rats in fast-food restaurants. McDonald's, Burger King, etc. have all been victims to videos on the Internet showing rats in their restaurants. Someone once even found a whole fried rat at KFC. 

Somehow, Tim Hortons has always seemed exempt from this image we have of fast-food restaurants and rat infestations. Sure, they might not be the cleanest places in the world: the tables are always faintly sticky with donut powder and most restaurants haven't been renovated in years.

You can therefore imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this video of rats running around a downtown Tim Hortons

TL;DR Video shows rats running around this downtown Tim Horton's in Montreal and I'm disgusted.

The video was posted to Twitter last night. The caption explains that the rats are located in a Tim Hortons downtown.

An MTL Blog reader tells us that the rats belong to a homeless man who frequently stays outside the downtown franchise.

Tim Hortons replied to the tweet, stating to contact them privately.

It appears from the video that the rat was stuck between the two doors leading outside, so at least it wasn't in the actual restaurant. Did it just come in from outside to warm up and stay out of the cold? Or was the rat previously in the restaurant? 

This reply pretty much sums it up.

Will you still be eating at Tim Hortons? 

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