Canada's 2019 Summer Forecast has been announced and... well, let's just say it's not all good news.

In particular, Quebec may be left waiting for that summer heat we all look forward to once the trees start to bloom.

We're already in the midst of a very cool Spring, and The Weather Network is, unfortunately, forecasting that this "cool pattern" is going to continue through the summer.


Most provinces east of Alberta are unfortunately going to experience a very "changeable" summer forecast, with a lot less of the intense heat we experienced last year.

So while we won't be melting, which is certainly a plus, we're also not going to get that hot summer heat that leads to dreamy beach or pool days.

The cooler temperatures are expected to last well into July, meaning we likely won't be lining up for the public pool until August.

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People in Quebec are going to experience a fair amount of humidity, according to The Weather Network, and we can also expect significant precipitation throughout the summer months of June, July and August

There is the promise of warmer temperatures throughout August and into September... so just as Spring and Summer have felt "on hiatus," we can probably expect the same feeling come Fall... we're going to be sitting around in September, sweating and wondering where the hell Autumn is.

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At the end of the day, it's clear that this summer isn't going to feel much like last summer. While some people might be grateful for the respite from that sweltering humid heat, I'm not so excited about the cold we've got in store for the next little while.

I'm also not excited about being sandwiched between a hot pattern and cool pattern, as that generally equates to wet stormy weather, as we wrote about yesterday.

Quebec is going to see some pretty unimpressive summer temperatures for the next little while, according to The Weather Network's Summer 2019 Forecast. The "changeable" weather means below-average temperatures, a late warming period that will stretch into September and stormy patterns.

Read the full Weather Network Summer Forecast for the entire country here.

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