Over the past few months, several Montreal restaurants have found creative ways to survive these tough times and make their mark on our city. Most recently, Tavern on the Square, a renowned Westmount bistro, has been making waves on Instagram thanks to its new decorations that are perhaps the most Montreal thing you'll ever see. 

MTL Blog caught up with Gabrielle Pottier, manager at Tavern on the Square to find out more about these incredible decorations.  

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What inspired the decorations?

Made with the familiar orange colour and evoking the classic "DÉTOUR" and "FERMÉ" road signs, the decorations at Tavern on the Square are a clever way to have fun during tough times. 

"The decorations were inspired by my — and I'm sure everyone else's — travels to and from work and weekend activities," said Pottier.

"I just wanted to honour the scenery that we've come to know and love."

How's Tavern on the Square doing?

Like many restaurants, Tavern on the Square has had to rely on takeout for most of its business since the second wave hit almost one month ago. 

"We're surviving as best as we can considering the fact that no business has had to navigate a pandemic in our lifetime," said Pottier.

"Our industry is really banding together in support and there's a real feeling of family and togetherness that comes from it, which is very heartwarming and kind of what's keeping us going." 

"We're so grateful for our staff and the community around us.  One of my favourite things is seeing the creativity that everyone is putting out there."

How long will the decorations stay up?

Pottier has asked us to get back to her on this one! 

For now, the decorations will adorn the dining room at Tavern on the Square, reminding anyone who's there to pick up a takeout order of our charming but construction-filled city. 

And to not forget the wine.

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