We can all agree, finding any type of bug in your house can be utterly disgusting and a bit unsettling. When you find one bug, there are typically more lurking around somewhere, creating a never ending horrible experience for anyone involved.

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TL;DR Dozens of residents of a Plateau Mont-Royal apartment complex are being evicted due to an infestation of cockroaches and bed bugs, as well as mould. Over $100,000 has already been spent on exterminators, but until the complex is in better condition, tenants will be relocated.

You've also probably at some point lived in an apartment that wasn't too great on its maintenance. It may have been run down, had a problem with bugs and other issues that the landlord just wouldn't take the time to fix.

You may have thought you had it pretty bad, but you'll change your mind after you hear what these super unlucky Montrealers are currently going through.

Dozens of tenants from a Plateau Mont-Royal complex are suddenly facing eviction due to dangerous and unsanitary conditions. The city is looking to fully evacuate the complex by October 17, leaving most tenants with no time to find a place to stay.

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The reason for this mass evacuation is, you guessed it, bugs. Lots of them, to be exact. The building is infested with cockroaches and bed bugs.

On top of that, most units had a pretty invasive mould problem as well.

Apparently, after the new landlord took over the property last year, nothing was done to improve the condition of the complex.

This is when the city stepped in.

After spending $100,000 on exterminators, Valérie Plante's administration explained that the landlord needs to step up and finish finding a solution.

Until then, it looks like tenants will be kicked out, starting this month.

Luckily, the Office Municipal d'Habitation de Montréal is helping to temporarily relocate the tenants. It's still uncertain where they'll be staying, and many expect it to be far from home.

Only time will tell if conditions in the apartment complex improve enough for tenants to move back home.


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