Ecclectic festivals, a (mostly) reliable transit network, progressive social policy, cheap housing; living in Montreal comes with some serious perks. Unfortunately, a high income is not one of those.

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A new study shows that Montreal residents are paid much less than Canadians in other major cities. The city ranks last in the country for median income. For context, Montreal places among some former industrial cities in the American midwest in states like Ohio and Indiana.

Montreal comes in at 89th place out of 117 cities in North America.

This latest study comes after a data release by Statistics Canada that shows incomes in all of Quebec are also considerably lower than those in other provinces and about $8,000/year lower than the income of the average Canadian.

Via Statistics Canada

Luckily, the cost of housing and living in Montreal remains remarkably low, even if prices have crept up in recent years. A building boom of luxury condo towers downtown and an influx of buyers from outside the province have caused rents to balloon slightly across the city.

But perhaps soon the burgeoning film and AI industries in Montreal will lead to a spike in incomes. That could be good news or bad, depending on your occupation.

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