Philippe Couillard, Pauline Marois, François Legault, and Québec Solidaire co-spokesperson Françoise David duked it out politics-style last night in the Quebec provincial leaders debate. The fearsome foursome (feel free to use that) threw shade at each other for 2 hours, covering a wide range of topics, and through it all, Montrealers had some things to say.

In case you were too busy getting shwastey (it was Thirsty Thursday) you can check out a twitter-retelling here.

Even if you didn't tune in, here's some choice comments Montrealers made, taken from the Twitter-sphere.

In a perfect world.

When you're right, you're right.

I'll keep waiting.

At least someone asked the tough questions.

I played, I blacked out, I had liver failure.

I guess Marois doesn't watch the news too much...

Once, in a different life, they were lovers.

Again, only in a perfect world.

That we did, and quite well, I think.

And sometimes you just need to give thanks to the floor. Marois gets it.

What did you think of the debate?

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