The poll results are in - and the numbers are looking grim for Valérie Plante.

The recent figures from an Ipsos poll revealed that 59% of Montrealers are not happy with how Plante is running things.

Its the first public poll since Valérie Plante was elected as Montreal's first ever female Mayor.

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Here are some of the stats:

  • 34% of Montrealers are happy with how Plante is performing as mayor

  • 40% of locals said if the election happened today, they'd vote for Coderre, and only 37% stuck by their vote for Plante

  • 61% said they are unhappy with the quality of snow removal this winter season

  • 77% were upset about the property tax increase

  • 63% were unhappy with the hike in fees

  • 44% in favor (still?!) of pit bull ban, 42% supported the ban reversal

  • 74% approval for hybrid buses

  • 66% support decision to cancel Formula E Race

"It is for me to take notice of those numbers. Of course, I would have preferred to wait a bit so we can show Montrealers everything we're putting together," said Plante.

She excused the public dismissal and blamed it on the fact that she is still a newcomer working on projects started by Coderre.

"Let's not forget that the transition is still happening. Today during the Executive Committee meeting we're still voting for projects that were put together by the previous administration, so I'm still dealing with those things, so there's a balance to find in between," 

The vice president of Ipsos found the overall results shocking. 

"It's rare that voters turn that quickly on someone so soon after they are elected." Says Sebastien Dallaire.

The results do show a clear divide in age, however, with the 18-34 age bracket being the most satisfied, at 50%.

Those aged over 55 are singing a different tune with 64% dissatisfied.

You can check out more about the Ipsos poll study right here. 

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