With Opus Solution Online you will be able to charge your Opus card from the comfort of your home, an online tool that will be making your life easier by the end of the year or early 2015 at the latest, said STM's Amelie Regis to Journal Metro.

Done on all the interwebs, you will be able to purchase STM fare and, using a USB drive, download it on to your personal Opus card.  Perfect for that beginning of the month hassle when you need to recharge your card before catching the bus to work/school but don't want to haul ass all the way to a metro station.

The STM already did a test run on remote Opus card recharging , which had a 92% satisfaction rate among 1500 Montrealers in 2011. With that figure, things look good for the functionality of Opus Solution Online.

All the specifics haven't been hammered out by the STM, such as the status of the USB needed to recharge. It may be given out for free, rented, or sold to STM-users. Fingers crossed for the first one.

Hopefully the STM lives up to its promise of remote charging by late 2014/early 2015, as this was supposed to go into effect last year.

Are you excited for Opus Solution Online

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