Waiting on the STM at a bus shelter or metro platform will be a shorter experience than ever as the STM plans to increase the frequency of rides across its transit network in 2018. 

As outlined in the STM’s 2018 budget, reported by TVA specific investments will be made towards increasing the number of buses on the rode and the rate of metro trains passing through stations. 

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Out of the STM’s total budget of $1.4 billion, $5 million will be set aside to add more buses at certain priority locations. For example, Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles and Griffintown will experience increased bus service. 

Around 100 diesel buses will also be replaced with new hybrid (and air-conditioned!) buses. 

When it comes to the metro, the STM is planning to increase the frequency of trains during specific parts of the day. On weekday evenings, a train will pass through every station at 5-minute intervals. Currently metro riders wait anywhere between four and ten minutes during weekday off-peak hours. 

Train-frequency will also be sped up for weekends between 3pm and 10:30pm, where riders will also only wait 5 minutes, just not on the Blue Line. 

Purchasing a ticket or STM pass won’t cost any more money, for most of the year, at least. The STM isn’t increasing rates until after June 30th, when prices will increase by 2%. 

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