One of Montreal's 2 main seasons has started early this year! 

Of course, I'm talking about construction season... cause, let's be honest, Montreal sees winter, then construction. 

One of the first and biggest St Patrick's Day parades in Canada is an annual staple for Montrealers. It's the first real taste of springtime and a city-wide celebration of National Alcoholic's Day. 

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This year, the United Irish Societies of Montreal have made an adjustment to the traditional festivities, that took place along Saint-Catherine street for over 50 years.

The change comes due to the construction that has taken over the downtown core section of Montreal's famed Saint-Catherine St. W. 

It's a minor adjustment and one that likely won't last for the on-going future. Still, the change lame. It just won't be the same. 

Maisonneuve is not as visually appealing for a parade of this stature. Let's all pray to the Irish beer gods that this will not continue on past this year. 

Here is the official St Patrick's Day Parade route for 2018.

Via United Irish Societies

Where:  Corner of De Bleury and De Maisonneuve

Time: 12 pm

When: March 18, 2018

Will you be out rocking your best green attire, beers in hand and shamrock googles on? 

I certainly will. 

Bonus points to the parents of this cat. Find me and I'll buy you a green beer this year.

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