You might remember back in June when Montreal revealed the plan to build a new above ground railway.

The first phase of the project was supposed to include 24 new stations that would link Trudeau Airport to Downtown Montreal, the West-Island, the South Shore and Deux-Montagnes.

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But now some new stops have been added to the project.

In addition to the 24 stops, there will be:

  • A station for McGill
  • A station for Université de Montréal
  • A station for Griffintown

The project also includes the construction of 3 parking lots so people could drop off their cars and use the train and metro instead.

The first trains are scheduled to be completed and running by 2020.

There are also a couple of other plans floating around.

One is to build a correspondence station directly under Mount Royal which would link to Édouard-Montpetit Bassin-Peel and McGill.

The other is a plan to build a metro extension from Côte-Vertu to link to a new electric train in Bois-Franc.


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