Here's some news you just don't hear everyday.

It's so unusual that it almost seemed suspicious.

We received a press release from Saint-Denis Street regarding construction and all we could think was: Here we go again.

But this wasn't an announcement about more construction, it was to announce the end of a construction project.

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I've heard of construction projects ending, but I didn't think it was real. I always thought it was myth, like unicorns and leprechauns.

But that's not even the most incredible part.

The construction ended early ... EARLY!

Not 6 years late, but one month ahead of schedule.

This is great news because it finally set a new benchmark for when work can be expected to be done. Now we know it's possible to complete a project on time and on budget.

Before this, construction companies made it seem like it was a pie in the sky dream.

When every project takes twice as long to complete, we start expecting that kind of situation and soon, that becomes the new norm.

So we figured it was time to give credit where credit is due. And hopefully we can start seeing more of this trend considering how much construction is headed our way.

Here's the press release:

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