Pretty much every new bus on the road is now equiped with information screens that tell you what the next stop is.

But now some even more practical screens are being installed on bus shelters and bus stops. 

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These screens indicate exactly what time the next bus is expected to show up. And when the bus gets close enough, it actually tells you how many minutes the bus will take to reach your stop. 

No more waiting and wondering if the bus will be late, or if it will show up at all (which can be excruciating during the winter). Now you'll be able to look up at the sign and know down the exact minute how far your bus is.

At first, the STM were testing these screens in the South Shore, but now it seems as though they are starting to pop-up on the Island of Montreal.

The STM is also working a free app, so you will soon be able to access the same real-time updates directly from your phone. 

For more information on the IBUS project, click here

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