Montreal's beaver lake and Mont-Royal parc is truly the pride and joy of Montreal. 

Whether it's winter, spring, summer, or autumn, every weekend, Montrealers from all over congregate on the mountain to walk, run, cycle, and just spend time in the closest thing we have to nature with their families. 

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In addition, the park was designed by  Frederick Law Olmsted, who also co-designed New York's Central Park. Not bad Montreal, not bad.

Needless to say, the park is heavily protected by the city. But it looks like some people are proposing some new and interesting changes to one of the key spots on the mountain, Beaver Lake.

The International Triathalon Of Montreal is proposing that not only the man-made lake be updated to be swimmable, but the actual size expanded to accommodate the swimming portion of the Montreal triathlon.

Currently, Beaver Lake does not possess a filtration system that allows filtering the water so that it remains at a quality level that is considered safe for swimming. However, this is relatively easily achievable.

That said, the most difficult part of the plan to green light would be the actual physical expansion of the lake; due simply to the fact that this heritage site is heavily regulated and protected by the city.

But the group is still pushing to expand Beaver Lake so that there would be an entire beach-like section for relaxing and wading in shallow water and a whole other section for more serious swimmers who want to swim laps and for the event to take place.

Some individuals that work for Heritage Montreal - the association which works to promote and conserve Montreal's iconic heritage sights - are skeptical about the potential implications of holding a large-scale sporting event like the Montreal Triathalon would have on the mountain.

Although both sides make very valid points, having a swimmable Beaver Lake sounds like a Montreal dream come true to me.


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