Photo cred - Andre Rivest

There was a lot of debate regarding the future of Montreal's bicycle-sharing system, but BIXI is (thankfully) confirmed to return to the city starting next month.

The City of Montreal bought out BIXI after it filed for bankruptcy last year, with Mayor Coderre vowing to protect the service as best he can as he considers it fundamental to our cultural fabric.

Not only is BIXI coming back this spring, there's also new and improved pricing to use the service.

Annual membership: $85

30-day membership: $30

24-hour access: $5

*New One-way trip: $2.75

You'll be able to buy your passes starting March 18, and as a special bonus, get $15 off if you buy your annual membership before April 1, 2015.

We're definitely glad BIXI has survived to see another year because we are inclined to agree with the Mayor about the inherent value BIXI adds to the city. A summer without BIXI would definitely be a lot less fun, and convenient.

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