Hey, guys. Remember our glorious Clock Tower Beach, located right in the Old Port of Montreal?

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I sure do. I mean, okay, it wasn't perfect - but it was still really awesome, and a whole lot of fun!

via @nog.cr

It's got beautiful views, gorgeous sand, and honestly, it's one of the best spots for chilling in the whole city. 

Last year, a strike in the Old Port sadly caused the Clock Tower Beach to be closed. Which means for 2016, we got no beautiful sand, blue umbrellas, or chill vibes.

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This year, though, we've got official confirmation from the Old Port that the beach will be open!

The opening date isn't set as of yet, but in the past, it usually opens around May 31. This post will be updated once we word on the official date.

via @monikaokruta

Sounds like the best news ever? You know it! Check out the Old Port's official website for more information.

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