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Goodbye books and hello lingerie, lots of lingerie, as Montreal's downtown Chapters bookstore on St. Cats is closing down, with Victoria's Secret planned to move in. Not just any Victoria's Secret, this new Montreal location will be the second largest in the entire world, according to Retail-Insider.

The existing Chapters will be recreated as a 35, 000+ square foot Victoria's Secret flagship store, slightly larger than the current second-largest VS in Vancouver. NYC is home to the largest Victoria's Secret store, sizing in at a whopping 60,000 square feet.

CTV confirms the switch is taking place, with Chapters set to close on October 4th, and Victoria's Secret set to move in sometime in mid-2015.

Books may be less sexy than undergarments, but it'll still be sad to see the Chapters on Stanley and St. Cats go away. Chapters has seen a series of closures across North America, as online options like Amazon dominate the literary-consumer scene, but thankfully the Indigo on McGill College a few blocks away isn't going anywhere...yet.

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