Starting today, citizens and tourists have a new way to take to the skies of Montreal. May 1st is the official opening of Hydro-Aéroport Montréal Centre-Ville, Montreal's new seaside airport and airline service.

Launching from the waters of Ste-Helena Island, Montreal's new Hydro-Aéroport has just been approved by Transport Canada, becoming the first of its kind in Montreal and Quebec.

Only open from May 1st to October 31st, the Hydro-Aéroport seeks to offer a new and more dynamic way of seeing the city. Tons of offered tours and flight plans are specifically tailored to Montreal's many summer festivals, activities, and nearby cities. A smart move to capitalize on Montreal's busy summer season.

Taking a look at the website (peering into the certifications and safety guidelines) the new Hydro-Aéroport looks legit, with no glaring concerns or sketchy activity. This isn't some guy with a seaplane offering people rides.

Check out Hydro-Aéroport Montréal Centre-Ville official website for all the details.

Will you take a ride in a seaplane?

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