At this stage in the game, I think it's pretty safe to say that ice cream is bae. Montreal's ice cream scene is pretty amazing, TBH - but there's nothing like trying something new, refreshing, and straight-up tasty.

What am I talking about, exactly? Well, I'm glad you asked, friends.

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Creme Des Neiges (79 Rue Sainte-Catherine E) is a brand new Montreal ice cream shop, located near the Quartier Des Spectacles. This shop doesn't specialize in your everyday, average ice cream, though.

It focuses on serving up shaved ice cream, which is basically hardened ice cream, shaved and served up in super thin, super creamy ribbons, with your choice of toppings added to it.

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This shop also uses fresh fruits, purees, and high-quality ingredients to achieve their shaved ice cream's light and smooth texture, and tasty flavours - like lychee, raspberry chocolate, and green tea matcha.

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If this sounds like your next fave summer treat, then check out Creme Des Neiges' Facebook page for more information.

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