Hey, remember when chokers were kind of almost considered vintage, but now they're back with a fiery, suede vengeance?

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I sure do. And I also remember the look of total "yasss" in my mother's eyes as she dug out her oldschool chokers from the '90s. In that moment, I knew she'd never throw out anything ever again.

If you're not like my mom, though, but you also happen to have a healthy love of all things vintage, then I've got some awesome news for you.

You'll soon be able to buy adorable vintage jewelry, accessories, furniture, toys, books, and much more, right here in the city, for super good prices.

The Vintage Bazaar Montreal sale is going down on October 15, at Église St-Jean Berchmans (5945 Rue Cartier)

They'll be selling a bunch of vintage, kitschy, antique, retro and industrial things, according to their Facebook page - which includes jewelry, home accessories, magazines, books, and plenty of other things, as well.

The sale starts at 8AM and ends at 4PM.

Sounds like your vintage dream come true? Check out Bazar Vintage Montreal's Facebook event for more information.

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