Okay, before I get into this, you might want to sit down. I'll give you a minute. Find a chair, find a sofa, find something, get comfortable, and prepare to get hit right in the culinary feels.

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As we're all well aware, it's Pizza Week in Montreal, and many fine pizza establishments are tweaking their menus to include special pizzas in celebration.

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One such place is Pizza Villa (6672 Avenue Papineau), a restaurant in Montreal's Rosemont known for serving up ace pizzas. For this week, though, they've outdone themselves. They've brought us all the Italian Poutine Pizza.

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I'm sure we all know what an Italian poutine is: french fries, cheese, and ragu replacing typical poutine sauce. Now imagine that, except piled high on top of a cheesy, saucy, fresh pizza. All the yums, friends. All. The. Yums.

To sweeten the deal? This week, you also get a complimentary glass of house wine whenever you buy a pizza worth $13.95 or more.

Sound like the tastiest thing you can put in and around your mouth? Check out Pizza Villa's Facebook for more information.

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