If you're anything like me, then a summer without La Ronde just isn't a summer at all.

So if you haven't been yet this year, or if you're planning on going next year, I have some fantastic news for you.

La Ronde is having its biggest sale ever!

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For the next 3 days (Until September 5th) you can get a season pass for summer 2017 for 70% off!

Normally a regular pass costs around $90 and a Gold VIP pass costs $160.

But right now, if you buy 2 passes, they will only cost you $46,99 each!

It sounds too good to be true but this deal is very real.

Not only that, but this pass gets you a ton of bonuses

  • FREE Gold VIP upgrade.
  • FREE admission for the rest for the 2016 season and all of 2017.
  • FREE parking at every visit.
  • FREE access to the Festival de Frayeur.
  • FREE access to all 6 Flags theme parks.
  • FREE tickets for your friend.
  • Rebates for your friends.
  • Access to the park before everyone else.

Click here for more details or click here to purchase your pass now.

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