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"Open and accepting" are two words often used to describe Montreal, but as forward-thinking as the city is supposed to be, pockets of discrimination and hate still bubble to the surface and showcase how the entirety of Montreal's population does not share an accepting attitude. Such was the case at St. Sulpice last Friday night., where two men were removed from the bar for showing affection to one another.

At the Saint-Denis Street bar, during a student event held by Université de Montréal's Faculty of Medicine, two male students were kicked out of the Le Saint-Sulpice for kissing each other, reports La Presse.

UdeM's student association FAÉCUM believes this was an act of "mindless expulsion", with general secretary Vincent Fournier Gosselin, believing the incident to be clearly inspired by homophobia.

FAÉCUM has requested that St. Sulpice's management make an official statement as to why the two students were kicked out, if not simply for being two guys kissing. The bar's manager has said a statement will be made soon, after the management has interviewed all parties involved.

Seems strange that any bar in downtown Montreal would be so discriminatory against gay males, but it's even more surprising to come from a largely student-frequented bar, and one that 's so close to the Village. Gay clientele surely isn't something new to the establishment.

No matter what, making out with someone, regardless of their gender, is by no means a reason to get kicked out of a bar.

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