Everyone in Montreal knows that we have some pretty spectacular restaurants that have mastered essentially every type of cuisine, and now we're getting a little international recognition for it. The UK's The Telegraph released a world-wide ranking of the best steakhouse restaurants around the globe and Montreal's Moishes landed itself at a very respectable #6.

As one of the oldest restaurants in Montreal, founded by Romanian immigrant Moishe Lighter in 1938, Moishes has established itself as a reputable steakhouse with some of the best food in the city. Over the years this Montreal gem has even served quite a few celebrities, with Robert de Niro and Penelope Cruz among its star-studded clientele.

In 2012 Forbes also named Moises as one of the top 10 steak restaurants in the world, so they've clearly been staying consistently awesome. We're sure after this Moishes is going to be even more popular, if that's even possible.

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