Lola Rosa is a Montreal-based vegan restaurant with an elegant and simple logo that is now becoming more and more recognizable around Montreal.

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The business started back in 2004 and has now expanded to three different locations across the city.

The restaurant is known for its hearty vegan and vegetarian "comfort" food - obviously, but also their warm and home-like ambiance. Step into this spot and you'll feel right at home. 

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The chefs of Lola Rosa whip up some incredibly comforting dishes like spinach lasagna, hemp-burgers, and black bean burritos. You thought that meatless food wasn't filling eh? Well, don't speak another word until you try a dish from Lola Rosa.

That said, they just opened a new location up right in the heart of the festival action downtown in Place Des Arts. 

The best part: Lola Rosa has an amazing-looking brunch menu. Yes, vegan brunch! And they also have a beautiful terrasse so you can enjoy your food in the sun. 

And wait, I'm not done. The ACTUAL best part is Lola Rosa has a unique craft cocktail menu so you can sip on a Mai Thai while you eat. 

For more info check out their site HERE and Facebook page HERE.


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