Ho - Ly - Fuck. I'm been dreaming about this forever! Ever since the first time I went up Mount-Royal, my first thought was: "If we didn't bury so many people here, we could have pretty decent ski hill."

It's not that far fetched of an idea, Mount royal used to have a ski hill from 1944 until 1979.

Photo cred - Musee McCord

And now according to Montreal.tv, some investors are looking into he idea of bringing the ski hill back. Although they didn't name any sources, so I'm really hoping they didn't just make this shit up because it would be a dream come true if it actually happened.

Even if it doesn't happen it's still possible to ride down Mount-Royal as demonstrated by Montreal's own Sebastien Toutant. Going down is the easy part, it's getting back up the hill that sucks.



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