You know how some people love their dog or cat just a little too much? To the point where the pet-owner relationship reaches a weird, semi-obsessive, creepily-romantic level? Yeah, you've got a friend (or crazy cat lady) in mind, and now there's a support group just for them whenever their significant animal-other inevitably passes on.

Precious Pets, a locally produced pet-themed newspaper (yes, it's actually a thing) will begin holding monthly support groups for those who lost their pets.

I don't know about you, but we're getting a weird mental image of a bunch of middle aged people, with maybe a few tweens in the mix, sitting on fold-up chairs while wearing cat/dog-themed sweaters and lightly sobbing over photos of their recently dead pet. Moans of "Fluffy" and "Nibbles" would be heard from across the hall. Hopefully no stuffed cats will make an appearance, but no promises.

In all honesty, it's not exactly a funny situation to lose one's pet, and it can be very sad times, especially if you're really attached. Still, a full on support group? If this takes off perhaps we'll be only two support groups away from a "dealing with the grief of losing your Pokemon save file" group. I could have used that one when I was 9, tbh.

If this pet loss support group is something you'd be into (no judgement...well kinda) you can find all the info on the Precious Pet webpage.

Is a pet loss support group warranted or ridiculous?

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