The minute Halloween ended, everyone started jumping on the Christmas band wagon.

It may seem like it's too soon, but the truth is that the Christmas season kicks off extra early in this city.

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In fact, it's almost time for Santa Claus parade here in Montreal.

Santa will be taking to the streets of Montreal on Saturday, November 19, with the parade beginning at 11:00 am.

Starting at Du Fort street, the parade will run along St. Catherine, all the way to St. Urbain

Here's a map of the exact route:

It's the perfect chance for teens and adults to relive their childhood memories and I'm pretty sure the kids will have a blast as well.

The event was just announced, but there are still many details to come to stay tuned for more.

Until then, you can check out their Santa Claus Parade 2016's website or click here for their Facebook page.

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