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Wouldn't it be nice to quickly cool off in the St. Lawrence river on the regz? The dream (for some) may come true if Projet Montreal has anything to say, as the party just proposed a "floating bath" to be installed in the Old Port.

Richard Bergeron, party leader for Projet Montreal, presented the idea of a floating bath in the St. Lawrence River at a press conference yesterday, according to CBC, with the plan to be debated as a motion in August.

To anyone a little confused, a "floating bath" is basically an enclosed pier-side pool, with the water coming from a natural source, in Montreal's case the St. Lawrence River. Several cities around the globe have installed floating baths, such as Copenhagen (which looks pretty legit), as referenced by Bergeron.

One may question the water-quality of the St. Lawrence River, but they'd be wrong. Events like Le Grand Splash exist to showcase how the river is A-okay to swim in, and ideally the floating bath will debunk the myth entirely.

According to Bergeron the floating bath would only cost about $1 million (or less) and building time would take less than a year. 60 potential spots have been sought out by Projet Montreal, so if the August 17th city hall meeting goes well, we may see a floating bath in Montreal by next year.

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