Some of the busiest areas of the Montreal are the most beautiful, yet no one seems to stop and appreciate their aesthetic appeal. The downtown/Old Montreal area surrounding Place d'Armes is a great example. So many Montrealers go to and from the locale for work, perpetually in a rush, that no time is spent to stop and smell the proverbial roses always present at Place d'Armes. Student-made video "Echoes D'Armes" makes time for you, and highlights the inherent bueaty of this section of Montreal.

Created as part of the "Portrait of a Neighbourhood" video series by Concordia's Communications Video II class, Echo D'Armes is an homage to the people, buildings, and architectural fixtures that comprise the Place d'Armes area. Place d'Armes and its surroundings have many beautiful features most Montrealers are desensitized to, overlooking them due to overexposure, which Echo D'Armes focuses in on, making one see the area in a new light. Especially the multi-coloured windows of Palais des Congres, which look straight up mystical in the video.

Put some magic back into Place d'Armes and check out Echoes D'Armes below.

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