After a brief stint last summer, the giant fire hydrant water fountains have made a silent reappearance in Montreal's Plateau. Montrealer Gabriel Jacob spotted this new addition yesterday on Berube (just off Parc, between Mount Royal and Villeneuve). While it seems like a good idea, waiting until the end of the summer probably wasn't the best move on the city's part.

Last year the fountains popped up for a few days in 2 different Plateau locations before they were swiftly removed because they would have caused too many problems for the fire department - it took nearly 2 minutes for the fire fighters to remove them and attach their hose. But since the fountains are making a reappearance I'm assuming they've worked out a new design that doesn't interfere with the fire fighters. Well, at least I hope they did.

This system of fountains are called the "Borneo System" and is an initiative started by the borough to make use of the otherwise usually untouched hydrants. And don't worry, they're totally safe and have been approved by Montreal's water and safety department. So enjoy and drink up!

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