Montreal has so many projects lined up for the 375th anniversary that some of them are bound to be postponed or abandoned all together.

This is the case for some of the makeovers that were supposed to happen in The Quartier des Spectacles.

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The plans are still in the works, however as of yet, it looks like work will only begin in 2018 and be done by 2019.

The idea is to create the "Esplanade Clark" which is would be a sort of village square in the heart of downtown.

The main attraction will be a gigantic refrigerated skating rink right in them middle of the city.

Imagine being able to head downtown for some romantic night skating surrounded with twinkly lights! It would be like having our own mini-version of the rink at Rockefeller center.

Plus as a bonus, once winter is over, the rink will be turned into a summertime terrasse.

Hopefully the plans will not be postponed any further, but considering the amount of construction taking place in the city right now, its probably a good idea to spread things out a bit.

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