My love for Montreal's Sud-Ouest boroughs is real. 

I think all of us can be quite passionate about our respective home neighbourhoods. St. Henri, Little Burgundy, and Pointe St. Charles have become quite the hot spot. 

For me, I've been down in the Sud-Ouest for years now, and I couldn't imagine living in any other areas. The canal has become a staple of my living environment, I still think it's the best city feature in Montreal. 

It's gems like Riverside St. Henri that help make these areas the best place to live in Montreal. Now that it's summer, you absolutely need to go check this place out. 

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This open-air bar nestled right along Lachine Canal is a summer dream space. They are open all year, but summertime is when they really shine. 

Via Riverside St. Henri

Their massive outdoor terrasse is something to take in. It's one of my favourite places to have some drinks at night. They've got wicked music, draw an incredible crowd and the setup throughout their outdoor grounds has the perfect ambiance.

You'll find Riverside St. Henri at a former secret spot between two old silos on the canal, so you better believe the urban scenery is signature "Montreal". The environment at this bar resto is a top choice to jazz up your Instagram. 

I mean, they have a disco ball out there - so already its a total win. 

Riverside St. Henri also has weekly events planned all summer long, including Yappy Hour events for you and your dog! Or some of us who just want to live vicariously and see other dogs and pups! 

Then its Squeeze Sundays all summer long will have music pumping, some pop-up shops, a BBQ and delicious cocktails and as the name suggests, lemonade stands from 3 p.m. - 3 a.m.

Riverside St. Henri really does have a bit of everything. You can easily kick back and relax comfortably with some drinks and friends. Or you can hit up the dance floor and keep your energy high and body moving all night long. 

@riversidemtlembedded via  

This will be the hotspot of Montreal's Sud-Ouest this year, so stop wasting your nights and go check em out! 

Riverside is is usually open from 5 p.m. - 3 a.m., and opens up at 3 p.m. on Sundays. They're also sure to announce a bunch of events all summer long, so keep yourself informed.

You can find Riverside St. Henri at 5020 Saint-Ambroise

You can find more information, including events and hours right here on their Facebook page. 

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