Circus and entertainment enthusiasts gather 'round, because we have some great news for you. Next week on July 10 and 11, Saint Denis street is going to be transformed into an outdoor circus with shows put on by the performers of Completement Cirque. If you're like me and might not necessarily pay money to go see a circus act, then it gets even better, because these shows are completely free.

Starting at 5pm you can catch the site's opening show, happening just north of Maisonneuve, which will be complete with tightrope walking, ball balancing, crazy juggling, trapeze artists and extremely skilled hula hoop performers. I have a feeling it'll be a visual overload of the best kind.

The Minute-artist acrobats will also be running around in their red suits to bring an interactive aspect to the show. Oh, and you'll have 2 opportunities to catch the Duels show which features the acrobats performing on a huge multi-stage tower.

For more information check out the Completement Cirque website.

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