As soon as the weather warms up in Montreal, and especially during the hot summer months, it becomes relatively common to see films being shot in the streets of Montreal.

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It's easy to see how the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal can double as London, and the quaint and charming vibe of many downtown areas can double as New York. 

That' why you may have noticed some yellow NYC taxi cabs along Saint-Laurent Boulevard. You may ask yourself - like some on Reddit already have - won't film viewers easily realize that this is not New York. After all, the signs are all in French.  Nothing like a little post-production magic to fix this, and poof, streets of Montreal are transformed into the "Big Apple". 

According to the comments, the film shoot is for a TV show called The Bold Type which is a show inspired by the life of former Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles.

It's not the first time MTL gets the NYC treatment. Two years ago, the same thing happened in the Old Port for a Bruce Willis Movie. 

For more info, click HERE.   

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