If you live around the Little Burgundy area, or anywhere in Montreal for that matter, you've probably heard of September Surf Café. It used to be just a great spot to pop in for a coffee, but they've recently made some exciting renovations that are bound to get people talking.

Introducing September Surf Café & Bar. This is going to be your new favourite spot to grab a coffee, or a beer. 

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Located on Notre-Dame-West, September is now serving up ice cold craft beers alongside their regular coffee menu. Whether you're looking for a caffeine buzz or a place to wind down, you can find it all here.

via @september_surf

If you felt that Montreal was lacking GOOD beer, you're prayers have been answered. September prides themselves on the quality of their beers and their appreciation of everything craft.

If beer isn't your thing, they're also pouring great wine and house cocktails. There is definitely no lack of variety here. 

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They are currently working with Harricana, Dunham and Brisset. They are also arranging a rotating tap for local craft breweries, offering us Montrealers a chance to experience a variety of different local beers. 

In light of these changes, September is now open until 10pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. They start serving beer at noon, so make sure you're first in line!

via @september_surf

September is now all about coffee, surf AND beer. And we're loving it. 

Check out their Instagram.

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